Meet My Friend, Marigold

Meet Marigold… This little gal 🐸has been visiting me off and on this summer. She is usually found resting in the rocks near my 🏚 front door. l named her Marigold because, while she is ordinary like Marigold flowers, she also has a quiet, enduring presence. For the past couple weeks, Marigold went MIA and I figured she […]

Who is my Neighbor?

I attended church this weekend for the first time in a long time.  As a Spiritual Director and companion to others on their faith journey, that may surprise you.  While my reason for not going to church and then going back isn’t important to the story, I think the simplest explanation for my sabbatical is […]

Dear Younger Me

“Dear younger me, where do I start?  If I could tell you everything that I have learned so far…” This is my birthday week. I don’t tell you that to get birthday greetings.  I tell you that so I can share my experience.  On the morning of “my day”, I was driving to work with […]

It Never Hurts to Keep Looking for Sunshine

I am a walker.  Most days I like to find an hour or so to go for a walk.  Tonight was no exception.  It was a beautiful evening and lots of people were out and about.  As my feet fell into a rhythmic pace, sights and sounds and smells captivated my senses.  I couldn’t help […]

Explore Your Spiritual Direction

 Monday, Oct. 9, 2017 Join Spiritual Director, Mary Wheaton, to explore and reflect on your spiritual journey!  Find meaning and purpose beyond the moment, explore who you are, and discover a spiritual authenticity that encourages you to grow more deeply in your faith and personal connectedness. This class is available through Sioux Falls Community Ed. Click here […]

Our Richest Treasure

Love, our richest treasure to give and to receive.  When we carry each other’s burdens, pray for each other, feed each other, weep for each other, rejoice for each other, and know when to leave each other alone, we are responding out of deep love.  The greatest gift we can give and be willing to […]

The High Price of Fireworks

Last night I was outside watering my flowers and just enjoying a beautiful evening.  I took a few minutes to sit on the deck and bask in the solitude of the evening.  The birds were stirring around the feeders, a few butterflies danced amid the blooming plants below and a couple squirrels chased each other […]