Affirming Words

One of the most paramount factors for me in choosing a reiki practitioner is their demeanor. Mary is such a gentle soul and I knew from the moment I met her that her energy was restorative, calm, and powerful enough to help me realign the parts of myself that are a little misaligned. It has been such a beautiful experience to share with Mary those things that I am feeling or carrying around. In our sessions together, she was able to help me let go of the extra emotion that I had been dragging with me. Through the power of words and repetitive positive mantras, Mary helped restore my confidence, balance, and helped me cleave with the negative thoughts or energy. She has shared quiet, powerful, fragile space with me while I cried and strengthened my faith with her affirmations. I truly enjoy my visits with Mary and have seen incredible shifts in my head and heartspace after our time together. Reiki is the care that I give my soul. And that’s both simple and significant.    Emily Pogue


Mary was my small group facilitator for 3 spiritual formation VP3 classes that I took from her from 2016-2019. I didn’t know Mary coming into the classes and mostly just acquaintances with the other participants. Mary made us all feel welcome and comfortable when leading our group classes and discussions. She led the group with courage, strength, and confidence. She made us feel safe when conversations and discussions got personal or emotional. I learned so much from Mary but also about myself and the others in the group. I feel like even though we were all different people with different backgrounds we all found a common ground through the foundation and space Mary developed over the class.  Mary is kind, generous, and nurturing. She has all the attributes of a strong leader and loyal counselor.     Lisa C.


There are no words to describe my experience sharing my 5th step with Mary Wheaton as my spiritual director. She provides a safe place and made me feel comfortable the minute she shook my hand. She helped me grow closer to my higher power and I will be forever grateful for her guidance. I strongly encourage anyone that is ready to take this step in their recovery to talk with Mary.     Nicole G.


Mary has become a trusted spiritual confident.  I have been in recovery for 38 years and Mary has been my 5th Step person for the past 2 years as I journey with Celebrate Recovery Ministry.  Mary is compassionate, insightful, caring and loving.  Her life experiences mirror many of mine and I value her wisdom and perspectives that help me understand my situations in a more loving way.     Terrie Fisher


I had the wonderful opportunity to have a Reiki session with Mary. I have to say, right from the start, Mary put me at ease and told me about her practice before we started so I knew what to expect. During the session I felt so calm and comfortable. I saw vivid colors and felt so peaceful. After the session, Mary asked me how I felt. I remember feeling like a weight has been lifted off of me. I felt like I was floating in the clouds and I remember feeling that the entire day. My spirit felt rested, restored, calm and peaceful. My physical body felt light and airy. I truly loved my Reiki session with Mary and can’t wait to go back for another.      Lisa C.


Thank you so much for taking time to do my 5th step with me.  It’s like you knew that I needed someone who had patience and allowed me to get out what I needed to without judgement.  I learned so much from you during our talk.  You gave me such a sense of peace and understanding.  For that I will be forever grateful.  I feel so much more comfortable with setting boundaries and knowing that it’s ok to feel my feelings. Thank you again so much!  “Never let your prayin’ knees get lazy.”    Jess R.