Meet My Friend, Marigold


Meet Marigold…
This little gal 🐸has been visiting me off and on this summer. She is usually found resting in the rocks near my 🏚 front door. l named her Marigold because, while she is ordinary like Marigold flowers, she also has a quiet, enduring presence. For the past couple weeks, Marigold went MIA and I figured she was out making new friends. Well, today….here she is….resting in the rocks once again just outside my door.

What’s significant about Marigold is that she is a lot like me….and maybe you. While we all, on some level, want to just blend into the landscape, fly below the radar, go about our day inconspicuously, we also want to be noticed. Not just seen, but really noticed. We want someone to pay attention to our specialness. We want someone to show us we are cared about. We want to feel loved. 💗

This morning, as I turned the 🔑 key in the door lock, I paused for a second, and there she was. Marigold was back. I didn’t look beyond her, as if she was just another ornament in the sea of rocks by my door. I bent down, put out my hand 🖐 and spoke to her. And she responded by 🐸 blinking her eyes at me and shifting on her front feet. A mutual exchange of admiration and love. I hope you will find your Marigold today and exchange a little kindness with her rather than briskly 🏃‍♀️ walk by, seeing 😳 and not noticing 🥰
Journey Well 👣 Mary

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